Marchy Things

Hi there folks! I just wanted to let you all know a few things.First off I’ve finally updated the Pattern Archive to reflect the most recent patterns and secondly I’ve added a few new links to the Abbreviation and Links page. If you know of any good sites for free patterns and/or free tutorials/how to’s for crafting, please let me know by posting a comment or emailing me at I’m trying to make Craft Leftovers a good place to find links to other free pattern and craft resource sites. 

Oh I’m having a drawing for a copy of Crafting a Business over on the Kristin Roach: Blog that will go until this Saturday, so make sure to check that out.  

Things in March and April, as well as May really are just going to be nuts. I have 2 instillation pieces and my senior show in the next month and a half, not to mention other regular class work and packing for the move. I have decided that until June (after I move) the patterns are going to be pretty easy quick jobs. Craft Leftovers Monthly will be as planned (on sale the third sunday of every month for one week, sent out the wednesday after it goes out of the shop). Sorry I keep changing my mind and switching things around, but it can’t be helped. I really can’t wait until I move. It will be great to schedule out shop updates and pattern work sessions and admin time. Thing will really get neat-o then. I plan on starting up the midweek post again in June as well as doing some book reviews and contests for kits, books, and craft box surprise packages.

OH which that reminds me, I’m going to be having a mailing list contest for those on the mailing list, so sign up by tonight to get details on that. I’ll be sending out the contest info tomorrow.

And the last order of business, I have a quick little knit pattern, but I forgot to take a picture of it before I left, so I’ll be posting that later tonight.See you all soon!
HA! So I forgot the project at home and don’t have any craft supplies with me other than this little lacy thing i’m working on. And that won’t be done for a long-o time! So I’ll just post it this Saturday coming. Lame! Sorry!

I have been really productive while I’m on “vacation” (not in my studio, more working on officy/planning/tax things while Jason is at work, which is about 18 hours a day, ha to that too! poor guy, he really needs a real vacation even more than I do!) and I’m all set to jump to it when I get back home. Hooray!

I will be sending out the contest details a little later today. Before 5pm I think.

See you all on Saturday!   

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  1. Man, are you a crazy multi-tasker. I’m put to shame everytime you talk about your to do list. Yet you are always apologizing for changing your posting schedule, etc. I say- GIRL give yourself some credit! I could not do half the things you get done if I had twice as long to do it. Pat pat on your back and two thumbs up, you’re doing a great job, and I love Craft Leftovers.

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