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Stitching School: Cable Cast On

DSC_0085 I use this cast on all the time. It’s my default, if it’s not specified in the pattern cast on to use. It’s also the best cast on to show in training knitters. The thing is, the cast on method is pretty much the same as knitting a knit stitch. So once you get a beginner casting on, they are good to go on their first garter stitch scarf.



So I’ve gotten a few questions about learning to knit and whatnot, so I’m going to start doing some “how to knit” posts. And I already kind of did with the saving my knitting posts, so I have a bit of start. They will all be on the “How To” archive page grouped together.

And here is the status on the pen – which thank you so much for all the funny and sympathetic comments about it, totally made it easier on me – after looking for hours and cleaning the whole apartment and searching and searching I couldn’t find the wacom pen. I know it will turn up eventually, but to do the final touches to clm this week, I really need it. It was really stressing me out. So I ordered the Art Pen and feel much better for just having finally made a decision about it. And I’ve been wanting it for a few years now, so I feel good about the purchase. Not like when I find the original one I’ll have two laying around.

And I’m just going to draw out the thing I was planning for yesterday and scan it in, so I’ll have it for you on Tuesday!

Oh and speaking of clm, don’t forget, it’s going into the shop on Sunday Morning! I’ll post a preview tomorrow.

And if you live in Ames, the Central Iowa Sewing Rebellion’s first meeting is Sunday at noon and there will be good veggie stew, chocolate chip cookies, and sewing to be had by all!

See you all tomorrow!