Picnic Napkins

Hey folks, guess what? School is out for the summer! I have not had a summer break for three years now (the first one here was all about moving a getting a job and working lots of hours and unpacking, so I’m not counting that). I’m so excited. There are so many things I want to do!

I’ve decided to post the pattern in just a jpeg because it is a one pager. Really easy, but honestly, super cool. My friend Andrea suggested this one to me. I guess she’s been making them for years. It seemed appropriate to whip some up for that last day of class and then use them for the rest of the summer on picnics. Hence the name. Because that is what I’m going to use them for.

Here are some pictures of it:

Okay so I’m going to try to make it so you can download the pdf by next week just by clicking on the link, no signing in and all that jazz. We will see how it goes.

And if you missed the midweek post, I’ll rehash: I’m going to start posting images of and links to things I find on line that I feel line up with the Craft Leftover concept. So pretty much DIY projects/artists/etc that make work from leftovers/potential leftovers/recycled materials. If you have a link to something that you think would fit that send it to me at kristinmroach@gmail.com and I will post it here. I have two thoughts behind this: there is so much out there and I can’t possibly get to it/think of it and I want to share more with you, and also I want to continue to interact with all of you guys on a day to day basis and I know I can’t write a pattern everyday at this point, so I thought this would be a good way.

In other things: did I mention school is out? I might be too excited about this.

Seriously though. I’m going to try to get some more kits in the store this week and some new items and new kits. I’ve also decided to add something totally different to the store. Reclaimed materials! I know this sounds kind of weird, but I’ve come to realize that like ideas, materials are too numerous, so I’m going to offer them on the cheap for you to use! Small things like buttons, zipper, trim, etc at first. We will see where it goes. I’m going to put the first things up this week.

So if you didn’t read all that, to sum up:
PDF direct download hopefully by next week’s pattern
New kits and items in the shop next week
Reclaimed materials in the shop next week
(I’ll post here when I do put them in so you know about it)
I’m now posting about other DIY recycled/leftover material kind of projects, so if you know of something that fits the Craft Leftover aesthetic, send me a link.

And with that I bid you farewell! Have a great weekend everyone!