Great Idea for Using Plastic Bags and an update

Amanda L. from over at Etsy Labs posted a great tutorial on how she makes fabulous totes out of shopping bags. I really love this (wish I would have thought of it!) because plastic bags seem like one of those unending resources that are hard to reuse. They rip and tear so easily.

I saw this little tote over at CRAFTzine blog and just had to go check it out. It really fits the whole aesthetic of Craft Leftovers so I thought I would post a link here. I guess that is something I have been thinking about. I come across a lot of neat-o diy with leftovers/recycled materials projects when I’m wandering the web every morning. I think I’m just going to start adding links to them as I find them.

I also think of small quick ideas for using stuff that doesn’t really need a pattern, so I think I’ll start posting those during the week too.

Oh and another update that I couldn’t think of last Sunday. I’m working on making it so you can just click on the link to download the pattern. That way there is no messing around with signing in and clicking on more links and yadda yadda. Just click and it prompts to download. Hopefully I will get it figured out by July! I’m slow when it comes to html, so be patient!

3 thoughts on “Great Idea for Using Plastic Bags and an update

  1. Does anyone know yet how these hold up to washing and drying in a machine? If these were used as bag liners something would invariably spill and need to be washed off. I favor the lazy way, machine wash and dry, but they have to stand up to it!

  2. I suppose you could try it out and see, but for me, I think just dumping it over the sink and rinsing it off might be an easy washing solution since they are water proof. Depending on how many layers you use, and the stitching strength, you might be able to get away with throwing it in the wash as long as it was a cold wash. The drier seems like it might melt it a bit, so air drying might be the safest bet.

  3. I think it’s a great idea to post links to projects on other sites. I’m always eager to get new ideas and new patterns. I have so many now I think I’ve already surpassed what I can do in a lifetime, but that doesn’t stop me from wanting to get more!

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