Vinyl Wallet

Alright, well, I had done a ton of work to pull out a pattern for this week, it was going great, and then, well I didn’t have enough leftovers! I thought I had more poly fill than I really did, or my ferret stole it and nested it in the corner of the closet… Which is really very probable. Anyway, so at the last minute as I was feeling distraught that this really cool thing I made wasn’t going to work out, inspiration and the need for a new wallet struck! So here you go, I hope you like it!

Also, check out the flickr site for some bonus photos!

And the drawing stands, just leave a comment saying that you would like a free kit and then send me an email with “Crafty Leftovers Drawing” in the title and you will be entered. Also, the last set of winners have not claimed thier prize, so if they don’t contact me by the next pattern post (two weeks from today) then I will have a double drawing for kits.

Have a happy and crafty weekend!