Write Bike!

Part of getting acquainted with my new home town is riding my bike. I’m learning the best ways to get around on a bike, which is so different than a car. Each time I ride I take a different way. Another thing is that I’m trying to get in shape and keep track of what I’m doing. So with all of these different routes and stats going through my head, I thought it would be best to keep it all in one place. Taking a little inspiration from Lisa Anne Auerbach’s Saddlesore, I’m going to start keeping a journal of my rides. Now, what to keep it all in? I only have this impulse buy $1 notebook from Michaels that looked quite blah. Well, time to spruce it up!


Download the pattern here (pdf).

Sorry I’m a little late this week, and I’m also sorry that there is no interview this weekend. Unfortunately in the move I lost my notes…. possibly threw them away on accident! Grr. I will have an interview next weekend though and it will be much fun! If not the one I was planning for this weekend redone, the next one slated.

I do have some exciting news that I have talked about on my other blog a little bit off and on for awhile now, I am moving the Craft Leftovers store to it’s own little virtual shop front! I’m having the Grand Opening Sale Tomorrow and lasting until next Sunday night, 10% off everything in the shop! I’ll announce the address and coupon code tomorrow afternoon once I get all the last touches finished.

See you all then!