Summer Button Treat

I have been wanting to make a new summer head wrap for myself for quite some time. Something that buttoned up, something a little lacy, something red and crocheted. This turned out just right and I am so happy to finally get it written up for you. It’s the perfect compliment to any summer outfit, whether your hair is long or short, up or down it will look just great and keep those wispy hairs out of your eye when running around outside.


Download the pattern here (pdf).

{Edited in: I was so happy to get the pattern up and posted that I forgot to get the pattern up on the server! It’s up now and the link works, geeze. Sorry about that.}

Well hopefully this will be the last running late pattern! I am done. Totally done! I have walked up and received my diploma holder (they don’t actually give you the diploma at commencement, that comes in the mail later). So this week will be packing, cleaning, and moving. Next week will be unpacking, cleaning, and moving things around. I will have lots of help, so hopefully it will be a snap.

There will be a great interview this weekend coming up with a local artist, no spoiler’s here though. I just need to verify my notes and finish writing it up.

{edited in 05/21/08 – ha! I don’t know what timeline I was going by! I meant next weekend, like the 28th! I’m actually moving to another state this weekend. Hooray for moving to Iowa! It will be a wonderful adventure. I’ll post pictures of my moving progress and new studio set up! Have a good week!}

Keep it Creative!

++ Kristin Roach ++


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  1. Hi Kristin, Congratulations on Graduating! The best is yet to come. :)

  2. I tried to get your pattern of the Summer Button Treat and having trouble downloading it.Do you still have it posted? Thank you.

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