Home Redress: Final Moving, Unpacking, and Making Room

This past weekend was not a weekend for projects. Instead, it was the final push to get 100% out of the apartment + get it super cleaned up for the new folks moving in. We tried our best, but, wow, was that carpet a mess–from before we even moved in.

Our basic plan was to smash everything into the garage and the spare bedroom:
That was Thursday and Friday’s work.

Over the weekend I started going through boxes, just a few. Each day I’m trying to move a few things in from the garage and the spare room. At this slow but steady pace, hopefully our house will soon be a well organized home.



{Sloane is not happy about being in the cage while I’m in the room. She knows it’s play time in the morning.}

The room the ferrets are in is pretty clear so I started getting it set up. Then at least I can let out the ferrets and hang out with them and read, knit, fold laundry, or work on stuff.

I’m hoping to get the other spare room cleared out quickly so Jason can get it set up for himself. Seems only fair.

Projects for the coming weekend: pillows for the kitchen chairs, fixing the hose, filling some flower pots with herbs, and, hopefully, digging that fire pit.

Fun projects vs moving crap around soon!