Wardrobe ReDress: Favorite Jeans on the Mend

It’s always so funny how long things sit in the mending pile before I get to them. Then once I do, I think “Why in the world did I not just get that done!?” Most of the time, mending is a quick and easy and extends the life of clothing by years.

I just straight up enjoy it.

I love handwork and mending is one of the best instant gratification projects. Just a few minutes of work and you have a finished product, ready to be used!

So jeans that sat in the pile for, oh, about 4 months:



{yep, this is my mending box where I keep all my “to mend” clothing, isn’t it great? I bought it from a local artist and then redid the inside with vintage fabric.}

Fixed in just 10 minutes! I even reinforced an area that was wearing thin too.


My pants are modest again, yes!

Hooray for mending!

I have had yet to find a good online source for mending instructions. Do you know of any? What do you mend the most? What’s your biggest mending question? What ends up sitting in your “to mend” pile the longest?

Get the mini zine Mending on the Go, in the Craft Leftovers Shop.

And if you want a mending kit idea, check out the Mending on the Go kit pattern here. (I love this little guy. It’s always in my bag)