Thrift Kitchen: Dressing Dress Up

Last week while eating a tasty greek salad at Panera, I thought, “I should enjoy tasty salads more often.” Then I wondered, “Why don’t my salads taste this tasty?”


That’s the difference. Seriously, it’s that easy to take a salad from “meh” to “delicious!”

Dressing is pretty expensive though. What’s a thrifty lady to do? Well, it turns out this thrifty lady breaks down and buys a bottle of fancy pants dressing.  I found that one bottle of dressing will cost $5. It lasts about 1 month or more. And it helps me to eat more salads. To me, that’s totally worth it.

Plus, while I know all the ingredients, there is that vague “spices” listed and I have no idea what they are. So until I get the right ratio of oil to vinegar to “spices,” I’ll keep blowing $5 a month on fancy pants dressing. I am going to continue to experiment though. I’ll keep you posted on my reverse engineering and let you know if I get it figured out or make any happy accidents. In the meantime, here is the tasty salad that started it all:


My favorite greek salad

1/2 plum tomato – sliced and diced
6-8 pitted mediterranean black olives
1 T. feta cheese
Sliced red onions to your taste
2 cups mixed greens of your choice
1 T. greek dressing (recipe below)

Toss it all together and enjoy!

:: Kristin Roach ::