Round-up: Charging my week with inspiration

Mondays are always full of so many possibilities that my creative juices come to a complete freeze. Kind of like staring at a blank canvas – too many options! I’ve decided to start out each week with a blogging warm up: Round up Mondays each week!

And now I’m ready to leap into writing my post for tomorrow, a Little Woods Homestead how-to on digging a new garden bed! Enjoy and shake off those Monday dulldrums and go make stuff (or at least think about making stuff!).

1. Make a Pretty Pouf Ottoman – I’ve been wanting to make one of these for awhile now. And I was thinking that I could extend it out make a yoga bolster as well.

2. Ombre Chair via Craft

3. Lemon Puddings – I saw this post and instantly started drooling.

4. What is Indie and What is Corporate with Beth Casey – Craft Leftovers is actually sponsoring this podcast on CraftyPod so you should all go check it out and give Diane some love!

5. How I Stay Productive and Get Massive Amounts of Shit Done – ah, the 5th wonder of the universe, if only I could figure this one out. This post does inspire.

6. Make Your Own Bubble Pickles via Craft – I’m planting a crap-load of cucumbers this year with the hope that I can make this along with One Million other pickle recipes.

7. DIY Cut Paper Candle Holders – Lovely!

8. 34 Things I’ve Learned about Life and Adventure on the Art of Non-conformity, since being sick and coming face to face with my own fears of being bed-ridden (that’s a long story maybe I’ll share someday), I’ve started facing every day as an adventure. Which has included a lot more hiking and camping around than before.

Happy Monday!
Kristin Roach


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  1. Thank you so much for sponsoring the latest CraftyPod show, Kristin! The discussion on “Indie vs. Corporate” is really fascinating, and I know lots of people will be grateful to you for bringing it to them for free for 30 days!

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