From the Vault: On Blog Writing

Last August I asked the question “Am I a professional writer and as such should I be taking myself more seriously?” Even though I answered “yes” to both,  it’s taking quite a lot of time to sink in. It’s a pretty good post and dare I say it, a good […]

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On Blog Writing

This past month I’ve been contemplating the question of “am I professional writer or a blogger or is there a difference?” It’s an interesting question for me because more and more I’m writing for my living: through Craft Leftovers, Craft Leftovers Monthly, the Ames Progressive, on other websites, and various […]

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Submissions and Contributions

I just finished adding all the info on the sub-pages and I have two great additions to the site! I split the old “support cl” page which was long and burdensome. It is now divided into two: Support You can contribute in two easy ways. If you have a website/shop/blog […]