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Ep 12: Making a Traveling Exhibit

After a year of work I’m taking the Junk Mail Migration Paintings & Tapestry on the road! How did I create a traveling exhibit? And what are the essentials to coordinating with multiple partnering institutions? As a curator at an art center, I received and installed hundreds of works of […]

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Speaking at 1 Million Cups Ames: Show Notes Edition

On February 17th, I woke up early and headed off to the Iowa State Research Park Core Facility to present my entrepreneurial story to our local 1 Million Cups chapter. I decided to scrap my usual presentation and tell my whole entrepreneurial story. Starting with Craft Leftovers and coming full circle with this year’s launch of my art business this October.

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LIVE Video Chat with me Tonight!

Hey everyone! I just wanted to remind you that TONIGHT, I’ll be hosting a live video chat on my new book Mend It Better. If you go to my Shindig event page at 6PM ENT (5PM CST), you can talk with me, ask questions, and hear some never before insights […]

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Craft Leftovers at Renegade!

I’m super excited about this weekend’s Renegade Holiday Sale in Chicago and I hope I’ll get to meet at least a few of you that live in the area! You can find me at Booth #80 on the first floor. I’ll be selling loads of zines! Singles of all all […]

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Mend it Better: Coming Soon!

I didn’t even know it, but my book is officially up on Storey’s site as “coming soon!” as of last week. Thanks to @staciemakedo who clued me in to this exciting news. Here is the run down on the book according to their site. Those marketing folks at Storey sure […]

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RSS Feeds on Probation

Or how I learned to be a better blogger by examining my own reading habits. There are so many amazing craft blogs. And I physically can’t read them all. I leave it up to,, and to keep me up to date on most the amazing things crafting […]

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Crafty Business: Organizing Contacts

I think most of us are beyond the world of Rolodex, but there is something nice about having all the physical contact info at your finger tips. When I go to craft fairs, craft shops, meet random people, I pick up their post cards, fliers, and business cards. While I […]

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Crafty Business: Making Progress

Crafty Business: All the ins and outs of running a small, creative one woman business. In the last Crafty Business post, I talked to Kristy Hall about making progress and how feeling like you’ve done “enough” can be elusive. I mentioned my progress report sheet and linked to the pdf. […]

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Scrap Sewing Projects


I wanted to share with you a few of the great projects in the July issue of Craft Leftovers Monthly. I know you will just love them and it’s quite the deal: just $9 for 8 patterns + 1 recipe for a frozen delight + an interview with Lee Meredith + an article on dealing with scraps in my studio + a few of my favorite online tutorials and patterns + a crafty wordfind.

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Making Craft Leftovers Monthly: Part 2


Last week I showed you the content concepts and the general ideas behind Craft Leftovers Monthly–recycled, ad free, paid guests, patterns, goofy articles, illustrations and photos. Today I’m sharing with you how general ideas become specific patterns and articles. How does random inspiration from the blogs I read and doodles in my sketchbook become a 36 page zine each and every month?