Boxing Up Giving

These boxes are great to add a little extra something special to any small gift. I like them for any kind of jewelty, stitch markers, and other small handmade goodies for friends. I love these boxes and have been making them for quite awhile. I figured it was about time to commit the templates for them to paper. I keep copying the cut outs I made for the original ones over and over again. This will make it nice and easy for me to make them and it will make a nice little project for you. It’s scary to say it’s getting close to that handmade Christmas time of year, but really, all us handmakers need to start making our supply list, checking it twice, and get going on our Christmas Crafting. These are just the boxes to hold our handmade treasures and keep them safe and sound.

It’s super easy to use them too. Just print out on card stock, cut with an X-acto knife, fold and glue them together. That’s it. Super easy peasy. Enjoy!


Download the gift boxes templates here (pdf).

Well, speaking of Christmas crafting, I’m going to knit the night away on some of just that.

Best wishes and Happy Crafting!

++ Kristin Roach ++

17 thoughts on “Boxing Up Giving

  1. Thanks so much for your thoughtfulness in sharing these templates. Sometimes things can look so easy to do, yet when we attempt, we aren’t quite sure just what to do. This has been my situatiion. Thanks again for making it much easier for me to make little gift boxes.

  2. Thanks so much–this gives me some motivation to get started on gifts. And I’m excited to re-use materials with your templates, like magazines, cereal boxes…

  3. Great, thanks so much for sharing. I’m so thrilled I found this site. Gracias!

  4. Thanks so much for posting this tut and pattern. I was thinking I could cover these in fabric and make them for my Christmas gifts for the fam.


  5. Very cool… I printed them out on card stock. But I have a silly question.. should I do it backwards? so you can’t see the words fold and cut? okay.. I’m really blond today… you must make sure the words are on the inside.. duh I’m a goof :)

  6. Thank you so much. I have been looking for something like this for ages!!! It will save me a fortune in boxes for my hand painted Guardian Angels. Brilliant.

  7. I belong to a card club, greeting cards that is. Once a month we meet and share ideas, and I find these boxes just awesome. Thank You

  8. Thank you for the box template. I just love making little boxes to give away as gifts to my friends.

  9. Thank you for the box template. I just love making little boxes to give away as gifts to my friends.

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