Home Redress: What? I have a patio? I sure do!


This was about the easiest patio installation ever! And by that I mean all I had to do was uncover it. It was one of those unknown treasures. The people selling the house didn’t know it was there and didn’t include it in the house listing. When I was poking around in the backyard I saw a buried brick. Then another. Then I started poking harder with a shovel and found that it was a complete brick patio hidden by years of creepy charlie.


Apartment Redress::Patio Set::Part II

Last week I showed you the chair and table set I have out on my patio. I really wanted to go with bright colors and patterned seat cushions, but was torn with the more practical gray and bright cushions – more timeless, more options with less hassle – want a change, just […]


Apartment Redress: On the Patio

Last week I mentioned the chairs I wanted to protect against the rain. They are in reality dining room chairs, but both being pretty water damaged, I felt okay using them outside. They match the little table my dad and I made together (it folds up, pretty sweet right?), so […]