Apartment Redress: On the Patio

DSC_0003Last week I mentioned the chairs I wanted to protect against the rain. They are in reality dining room chairs, but both being pretty water damaged, I felt okay using them outside. They match the little table my dad and I made together (it folds up, pretty sweet right?), so I’m not sure how to go with it. Maybe I should seal the table too? I like the rustic look of the wood, but also want to keep it from rotting. Not to mention the beige siding + light wood chairs is pretty dull, how can I:

1. protect the chairs and table from the elements 

2. add a little color to the patio area


Then there is also the factor I really want to keep the cost to a minimum, using just the paint in the garage I’ve used on other projects, or under $20 on some kind of sealant. 

DSC_0006 DSC_0008

Now, completely neglecting cost and whatnot. I would really like to paint them a deep blue gray and make some seat cushions (which is another project I hope to take on soon) that are neuroticly bright.

Another way it could go is to paint the chairs a ridiculous color, then have muted chair cushions and table runner. Or, and I like this best, go with a neurotically (thanks carolyn) bright color for the chairs and table – like yellow, yeah – and then some funky cream and gray or cream and blue patterned fabric. 

Maybe like this:                     Or this:

Classicbluewhite 29406-2

I’m undecided, I need your help deciding, what do you think, what do you vote for:

1. Bright colored chairs with dull seat cushions.
2. Bright colored chairs with patterned seat cushions.
3. Gray chairs with brightly patterned seat cushions.

6 thoughts on “Apartment Redress: On the Patio

  1. 2. Bright colored chairs with patterned seat cushions.

    That would look great out there! Good luck :)

  2. I say:
    3. Gray chairs with brightly patterned seat cushions.

    That way you can have more choices when you get tired of the first of the first batch.

    P.S. You need some kind of foliage!!!

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