round up

Monday Weekly Round Up!

Every Monday I start out the week with a round – it’s a great way to get all our creative juices flowing! Make 1. 30 Meals Plan on Nanny Goat – this is a really smart way to use your favorite meals, but not repeat them so often you get sick […]

thrift kitchen

Thrift Kitchen: Homemade Pizza Adventures

My sister rocks. She sent me a great two part gift: the most excellent pizza cookbook Pizza: More than 60 Recipes for Delicious Homemade Pizza, accompanied by my very own pizza stone, pizza cutter, and wood paddle set. I got it into my head to have a pizza making party last weekend, but then had too much work! So I had a mountain of pizza toppings, but no people to eat it and no dough to use them with.


Hump Day!

Some how Wednesday gives me the sense of having gotten a good chunk of the weekdays, yet still having enough time to get the things done I need to before the weekend (which is usually a misguided feeling, but I’m okay with that). I’m taking a swing away from craft […]