Monday Weekly Round Up!

Every Monday I start out the week with a round – it’s a great way to get all our creative juices flowing!


1. 30 Meals Plan on Nanny Goat – this is a really smart way to use your favorite meals, but not repeat them so often you get sick of them.
2. Frooty Applique Skirt – Such a freaking cute skirt for the little kiddo in your life. – via craftgossip
3. Little Yellow Messenger Bag – Screw the kids! I want one for myself! via craftgossip
4. Dish Rack Remix – organize your patterns and use your old dishrack. via craftgossip
5. How to Make a Chrysanthemum Mirror out of Plastic Spoons


6. Layered Fruit Gazpacho – I can only hope this tastes as delicious as it looks!
7. Socca-Style Pizza “Bread” – JL Goes Vegan
8. Spicy Bean Salsa
9. Potted Cheesecake via craftgossip
10. Make Homemade Maraschino Cherries – I just spotted bing cherries on sale for 3.99/lb – this might just be the perfect thing to make with them via craftgossip


11. Since When Are Blogs Not Social Media?
12. Business Matters Media Kit How To’s
13. Adjust Your Home’s Temperature Seasonally
14. How to Publish Daily When You Have a 9-5 Job
15. How to get out of a Creative Rut

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Happy Crafting!