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How to: DIY Laundry Detergent Batch #2

I’m start to stretch my DIY wings again and I’m excited to make batch #2 and share it with you. I’m also happy to have some better pictures to make the process look a little more sexy than the last time. Well, would you look at that, my photo skills have improved over the last two years. Go me.

I want to thank Trent of the Simple Dollar for blowing my mind with this simple process over two years ago. I’m still in awe of it’s simple money saving power.


Hanging Around the Clothesline


When I was a kid my neighbor had one of these sweethearts and I’ve always wanted one for my very own. What a funny kid I was. Well, now I do! It was in extreme tangled disrepair. So last week I woke up early one morning and snip, snip, snip it was all off. Well shoot, how in the world do I restring this thing? It turned out to be very simple and intuitive.

journal - thrift kitchen

Thrift Kitchen:

It’s amazing how resistant I can become to an idea out of sheer laziness. Once I finally get around to checking it out, I wonder how I got on without it in the first place. My sister has been preaching the wonders of for years now. Literally years. When did I finally got around to looking up a recipe and then actually making said recipe? Just a few months ago.