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Thrift Kitchen: Naked Burritos

Have you been to Pancheros or Qdoba? Have you tried their naked burritos? They are delicious! After going and spending $6 to get rice, beans, and what looked like what I usually have hanging out in my fridge from dinner the night before, I opted to stop “treating” myself to lunch there, and packing it for lunch instead.

Here’s how I generally make mine. You can vary it a lot. Mostly it depend what I have on hand – what came from the garden, the farmer’s market, what I made for dinner the night before. On nights we go out for wings, the next day I toss the leftovers in. Today’s version is a vegetarian naked burrito.

thrift kitchen

Thrift Kitchen: Vegetarian Spinach Lasagna


I started to wonder if I could get away with replacing the meat with some Textured Vegetable Protein and if it would pass the Jason test. (I’ve been trying to cut back on meat.) Taking a cue from the Sneaky Chef, I didn’t bother to tell him there was no meat in it until he had devoured the first piece.


Hump Day!

Some how Wednesday gives me the sense of having gotten a good chunk of the weekdays, yet still having enough time to get the things done I need to before the weekend (which is usually a misguided feeling, but I’m okay with that). I’m taking a swing away from craft […]


Midweek Get Over Hump Day with Cooking

This week I’m going to do something a little bit different, instead of a craft, it’s cooking (mainly because I don’t have access to my stash at this point, i’m still out of town! Cooking crafts will be the theme for the next two weeks. I think it will be […]