Book Review: Cut it, Paste it, Sew it

In the spirit of full disclosure, Quarry Publishing sent me this book to review. That being said, I never review a book I don’t enjoy.

Cut It, Paste It, Sew It: A Mixed-Media Collage Sourcebook (Quarry Books, September 2010, $17.99, paperback) arrived in the mail and I immediately read it straight through. This book is so inspiring.

The book is a collection of artist interviews, sneak peeks into studios, and beautiful documentation of all of their work.

Each artist is asked these questions:

“What materials do you use most often? And can you give us some pointers on material selection?”

“What’s your secret to making a good collage?”

And of course every artist has a different answer!

A few of the makers in the book are asked questions specific to their work. You can read about their process, how they started working with collage, the business side of things, and the history behind particular pieces. I’m such a “how it works” fiend. It was pure delight getting to read about how artists have come up with their ideas, sourced materials, and brought diverse materials together into a unified whole.

It’s filled with fun little bits of information about making collages too. Like this:

“To make a collage, you don’t need any predetermined rules. You don’t need complex technologies. Just follow your instincts, be true to yourself, and have fun! The paper you collect, the scraps you just could not throw away, the photographs that bring back so many memories, are reborn as new materials.”










Artists include:

I hope you will enjoy this book as much as I have!
Happy crafting!