Craft Leftovers Monthly Zine: Volume 3, Issue 02!

Ah such sweet musings of late winter, crafting, and *haaaa-chooooooo*. Umm, excuse me…where was I…ah, yes . . .and being sick. Seriously, I’ve been fighting some kind of cold/sinus/ear/throat/infection since Christmas. It never fails that I get sick while I’m at my parents’. And, funny enough, my mom gets sick when she comes to visit us.

So for all of us who are battling the sniffles, I’m sharing with you several things that are helping me recover again, a yummy relief tea and a salt water gargle. Plus crafting, of course.

I’ve experienced the joy of loving friendship all throughout February. So this issue I’m sharing some ideas to help you enjoy your friendships in March. Host a lip balm making party to share costs and fun; keep a basket of weaving on hand to share with anyone who comes by for a visit; Su Mwamba explains how to keep a craft basket full of welcoming projects.

Through a funny chain of events, I discovered that the herb valerian is most cat pleasing. In fact, my cats like it more than catnip now, so I made a little sewn valerian fish for them to play with. I think your cats will enjoy it, too.

Happy Crafting!