January Craft Leftovers Monthly :: In the Shop!

I’m happy to say that the January issue of Craft Leftovers Monthly is in the shop!

You can get a three month subscription here, a one month here, or the zine only here!

Subscriptions will be on sale until Friday night. The zine will continue to be onsale until the end of January. The Holiday issue will be in the shop until Christmas (so pick one up while you still can). All subscriptions and zines will be sent out on Monday, December 22! After that, zines will be sent out as ordered.


Jason has reminded me that “flash photography” is not my problem lately; it’s “direct flash photography”, so I apologize. I will be taking some nicer pictures of the subscription bundle tomorrow after work with better lighting. It will look super nice. I just wanted to make sure to get the listing up tonight as promised :)

I’ll see you all tomorrow night with a fresh new pattern!

Happy Crafting!