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Quite some time ago I was in a Knitter’s Tea Swap and my swap buddy sent me this amazing card that was a little tapestry weaving in a card. I had always wanted to make my own and when I picked up Time to Weave at the library 2 weeks ago (for the second time I might add) and saw a different type of woven card, I decided to give card weaving a go!

Here is the project from Time to Weave:

I started out by cutting the card (8″ X 5″ folded in half), then the slots. It was really easy once I lined it up on my cutting board. I cut the slots vertical (and I swear I took a picture of it before I woven the paper in, but I can’t find it now, so I guess I didn’t) that were 1/8″ wide. Then I cut 1/8″ strips of paper and woven them in.


I took a little bit of glue and secured the ends of the strips. Then I cut another rectangle slightly smaller than the front of the card (3 3/4″ X 4 3/4″) and glued that over the back of the front.


Then I made the other card. A little tapestry piece. I just took a scrap piece of card stock and made notches in the top and bottom:


Secured my warps:


The back side:

Then I did 2 rows of twining and away I went weaving! Perfect for little scraps yarn!


I just trimmed the warps (they will stay put since I did the twining and I glued it to the little mounting board.

Then I cut the window in the front of the card, lined up the weaving, and glue that in place like with the other one.


I really like the paper woven one because it’s actually an old christmas carol music score cut into strips. The tapestry one I love so much because it’s the perfect use for little bits of yarn! I highly recommend giving both techniques a try.


I’ve been working a whole lot this week (it’s the christmas rush and chocolates are in high demand) and tomorrow I’m actually working a 10 hour split shift that starts me at open and ends me at close. I am pretty sure that I will be sleeping in on Sunday and that Craft Leftovers Monthly will be in the shop late sunday night instead of in the morning. I was hoping to give you another preview of the zine/kit bundle before I put it up, but you are just going to have to be held in suspense until Sunday night, haha.

Oh and another announcement. If you live in Ames, you should check out the Octagon Art Center’s class schedule for their winter semester. I’m teaching 3 classes and 4 workshops! Wowzers! And I would love to have you all join me there for some great fun! I’m teaching these classes: Beginning Knitting (6 weeks), Beginning Tapestry Weaving (6 weeks), and Beginning Pattern Writing (2 weeks – knit specific). And these workshops: Sock knitting, Felting and Fulling, Intro to Fabric Dyeing, and 3-d forms in fiber. Quite the line up I think! Pretty good for a first time gig. I’m really excited about it and hope to continue to teach and eventually have an out of the home studio that I could teach classes and workshops from.

And on that note I’m going to pack up some orders and head to bed! (thanks for ordering zines and kits and yarn and fabric! It makes me soooo happy!)

Happy Crafting!

ps – I want to apologize for the bad-flach-photography going on. It’s driving me nuts, but it’s honestly been dark when I leave in the morning for work (7:20am) and the sun is setting by the time I get home/eat some foods (4:30pm). So it’s bad photos or no photos. Things should be returning to better photography after Christmas when I’m not working as much.

4 thoughts on “Woven Greetings :: Weaving Cards :: How To!

  1. Oh I haven’t done paper weaving for AGES! Must get back into that and use some of those scraps of paper I have! Thanks for the reminder about this technique!

  2. These cards are wonderful!!!! I really love getting personally made cards and love to send them also. These are just the ticket. I can see doing them for all kinds of situation such as birthdays, anniversaries, etc. Just use the right kind of music or colors for the occasion. I will be looking for music sheets at yard/garage sales from now on. Thanks for the great tutorial!!! A question: do you smell like chocolate when you come home? That would be better than any perfume, don’t you think?

  3. Hey, love these projects! I can’t wait to try them both. That explains the card you sent with the Craft Leftover kit for January. :) I love the card, btw.

    Wish I lived there, I’d really enjoy taking your classes. They do sound like fun.

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