November Craft Leftovers Monthly & Holiday Card Pre-order!

I have two fun things to tell you about today. First, the November issue of Craft Leftovers Monthly is in the shop. Order it before Wednesday to get a little off while I print and pack up all the issues. Just $6.50 for the next three days! Woot!

This month’s issue is all about getting ready for the holiday rush and a lovely mash of leftover crafting.

November Craft Leftovers Monthly Table of Contents

The Usual:

  • Contributors
  • Hi ya
  • Coloring Page
  • Find the Words
  • These are a few of my favorite things
  • Crafty Life Comic

The Projects:

  • Knit Beret
  • Origami Garland
  • Autumn Name Holder
  • Plush Mrs Turkey Jerk
  • Pine cone Napkin Holder
  • Woven Recycled Jar Vase

The Articles:

  • Interview with
  • Holiday Help Part Two
  • Music for Making

The Recipes:

  • Roasted Apple Butter Acorn Squash
  • Mulberry Jam by Su Mwamba

For the first time, you can get your hands on the cards I love to send out the most! Holiday Canniable Snowman Cards! These fun cards are perfect to send to all your holiday buddies, especially if they have similar fond memories of building snowman like me. This card is based on the cover illustration of the Volume 2 Holiday Issue that came out in December of 2009.

You can order singles in the shop, and for a big savings, you can pre-order packages of 10 from now until November 19th. You are guaranteed to get them by December 1st *US and Canada only*.

Singles here.

Pre-order as many as you want here.

Get the November Craft Leftovers Monthly here.

Happy crafting!


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