November’s Craft Leftovers Monthly!

It’s up! They will be on sale until Sunday, October 28th midnight and only 20 new subscriptions are available. Order your November Craft Leftovers Monthly here.

I’m only going to have one and two month subscriptions this month. I’m not sure what will be happening next semester, so I’m going to do subscriptions through December, see what’s going on, and restart after the new year.

Each month subscribers receive a package filled with:
+++A kit for a pattern from the previous Craft Leftovers post
+++Reclaimed Craft Leftovers goodies (flat quarters of vintage fabric, buttons, iron on patches, ribbon, etc)
+++Craft Leftovers Monthly – A 10 page zine filled with as much tips on leading a stress free crafty lifestyle, a Craft Leftovers Monthly only project, cutout project cards, and reclaimed leftovers sprinkled throughout as a 10 page zine can hold.

Each subscriber’s package is unique because it is made up of reclaimed leftovers and therefore a few of each kind only.

If you are ordering one month, you can just add the subscription to your shopping cart and pay like usual. If you would like to order 2 months, please add just ONE to your cart and check out. +++Select “OTHER” as your payment method+++ I will send you an invoice with your correct total within 24 hours.

Subscriptions cost:
1 month = $15.00 (+$3.50 s&h)(+$9.50 s&h for Europe)
2 months = $28.00 (+$7.00 s&h)(+$19.00 s&h for Europe)

My friend Rachelle of Magpie Girl is having this really fun contest and you should all join in the fun, there are prizes and everything! Let’s see how many projects we can finish up by the end of the month for the Creativity Challenge! I’m going to try to get my toe up sock finished that I’ve been working on forrrrrever! What are you going to work on? There is a flickr group and everything too, so make sure to check it out.

See you all tomorrow at 5!

ps – I put some really cute halloween heatable catnip pillows in the shop today, you should go check them out.