3 thoughts on “Pain in the Neck

  1. This is fantastic! I’ve had a raging tension headache for a few days now, and this sounds like heaven. I’ve got to give it a try. Thanks for the tutorial. :)

  2. This is a great little design, I like the way you’ve cut the fabric pieces and then put them together to form a design. Mine is just a single fabric folded in half basically. BUT I mixed dried eucalyptus leaves (about the same proportions as your lavender) with my rice. Why? Because eucalyptus will sooth achy muscles much better than lavender, it works faster and lasts longer. You won’t believe how good this feels on sore achy muscles. NOTE: if you put eucalyptus in your bag use it on achy muscles, the lavender is much better for headache. I also made a square bag, really more like 12″ x 14″, with the eucalyptus for lower back pain…..sooooooo wonderful, but I can’t get it away from my husband long enough to use it myself (LOL).

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