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Mosaic Crochet Scarf

I really enjoy this scarf. It was fun and fast to make, under 3 hours. It’s colorful. And it’s super long! I can wrap it around my neck about 3 times. Love it!

Download the Mosaic Crochet Scarf Here (pdf).

Thanks Anary for telling me about the bad link!

You can see I have a new addition to the family. My friend from the local knitting group donated her to my crafty cause. She just happens to be just my size too! Perfect! I haven’t named her yet though. Any suggestions?

I had an amazing day today at the Sycamore High School Craft and Treasure Sale. And even better it’s going to be going on all day tomorrow too! From 9am-5pm to be exact. So if you are going to be in the area, stop by. I would love to meet you!

I also want to say thank you to everyone who came by today! It was so good to meet many of you for the first time. And for some of you, the first time you may have heard of Craft Leftovers and Green Prairie Fibers too! Craft Leftovers is all about what to do with what you have on hand. All patterns are free to download and print. They are all made from materials leftover from other projects. In the case of today’s pattern, leftover yarn from making an afghan. In the shop you can find kits for the projects featured on this site, small handmade gifts, and once a month Craft Leftovers Monthly shows up. It is actually on sale until midnight Sunday (tomorrow) evening. So make sure to check it out if you love, or know someone who loves vintage and reclaimed goodness. You can read more about what Craft Leftovers Monthly is in the shop’s listing (link).

Green Prairie Fibers started from the decision to try out dyeing yarn with natural dyes. I loved it! I started dyeing more than I could use and so, Green Prairie Fibers was born! I now offer both naturally and synthetically dyed yarns. The synthetically dyed colorways are all inspired by the midwest prairies. I use an illustrated field guide as my starting point, which fills my mind’s eye with color, and then start the mixing and dyeing process. Just like wildflowers, each dye lot is unique. The shop will be updated tomorrow night (Sunday) with new yarns.

And I’m totally beat and am going to go knit a bit and hit the hay. Then it’s off to the craft sale again tomorrow! Hooray! Have a good night everyone!

10 thoughts on “Mosaic Crochet Scarf

  1. Hey what a great display! I really loved that new scarf. I am a nut case about scarfs. I am so glad that you are having fun at these craft fairs. Good luck tomorrow too.

    ps: I could not download the pattern. I think the link is bad.

  2. What ever you call your friend make sure it an elegant name… after all she is your manneguin and int he real world manneguins are exotic wanna be super models. Good luck with the show!

  3. The Mosaic Crochet Scarf pattern seems to have a mistake. On row 7, “1hdc into next sc, 1dc into each of next 2sc,” is repeated and should only be done one time before the treble stitches.

  4. What a beautiful scarf! I just made one with only two colors, and I kept repeating the pattern to make three rows of “tiles.” (I also caught the repeat step in row 7, glad it wasn’t just me:)

    Any tips for blocking this scarf? Maybe it’s just the yarn I used (Bernat Satin worsted weight with an H hook) but it’s stubbornly curly. Even soaking, towel rolling and pinning doesn’t quite do the trick.

    Thank you for the free pattern. Where can I read the terms of the Creative Commons license?

  5. The only thing I can think of is that it’s the yarn, I made mine with Kraemer Yarns Mauch Chunky which is a wool yarn, pretty much like lambs pride without the mohair. Anyway, because of the way the wool works, it blocks really well.

    Updating is the to do list for sure, thank you so much aj for pointing out the error. I have a stack in the “to do” and will get to it as soon as possible.

    It’s non commercial – so basically do whatever you please, share it around, vary it and play with it, just don’t resell the pattern or items made from the pattern. I’m okay with you teaching a workshop and using it for the pattern (that’s more about the skill teaching than making money from the pattern) with the pattern or crochet alongs too. And thank you for asking about it, when I changed over templates a couple months ago I forgot to re-add that info. I’ll put adding that to the about page on the running to do list too. Thank you!

  6. Hi!
    I’m also a huge fan of this pattern. :) I could definitely use it to take some great leftovers I have. I had one question before I begin though. If I want to make a shorter scarf, how many chains do I need to have in order for the pattern repeat to work? In other words, does it just have to be an even or odd number or is it something more specific? Thanks for your help!

  7. Did you realise there’s a mistake in the Mosaic Scarf pattern? Row 5 starts off: “ch1, 1sc in next 1st” but it should be: “ch1, 1sc in 1st 4 sts”. Apart from that, this looks great when finished…thanks for the pattern!

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