Jak Super Sick, many delays, updates later.

This month has been one little twist after another and it seems extremely fitting, that the issue that has Jak on the cover is also the issue to which he caused delay.

I was planning on telling you the story of Jak’s illness and recovery and announcing the newest issue of the Craft Leftovers Zine in the shop this morning. But things have taken a turn for the worse and our poor greyhound is really really sick. We’ve been working with the vet since getting home from Renegade – trying meds and light walks and special diets and different tests – and this morning hit the critical point of rushing him in for emergency care.

After this morning’s bout, I have a lot of clean up to do before I can get back to work on the zine. I hate puke. Jak’s in good hands and I’m sure he’s getting lots of pets (and pokes) as we speak.

The scary thing is that they just don’t know what it is. So while we wait. And I’ll be working on final layout and edits and I hope to get the last file sent off to the printer today. But I know I won’t make that last “ship by” time to get it there for Christmas. If you have a subscription, I’ll send you a digital edition to print off. I’m so close to being done that even with Jak being sick I’ll have everything in the mail tomorrow.

Keep my pup in your thoughts today. He’s such a sweet guy. We’ve only had him in our family for 9 months, we are fighting hard for him. We really want him to stick around for another 9 years.


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  1. Jak will be in my thoughts! We also have a greyhound, Dobby, who will be thinking of Jak and sending him happy greyhound healing thoughts.

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