An Update and a Note

Well, really they are one and the same in a way of cause and effect.

And Update:
I’ll be posting the pattern for today, tomorrow afternoon.

And a longish Note:
I woke up early this morning and was right on track for a great day of productivity. I finished up the project for today’s pattern before noon, ran my errands, and rode my bike all over town. I was exhilarated and exhausted and promptly passed out… for almost 2 hours! Dinner was late, then cleaning up was late, and now the pattern is late. Now I could say this is all, but really it’s not.

I could have finished the pattern… but, *in a small voice* I gave myself over to cleaning our bedroom. It’s rare that I get overly motivated to clean… and I did tonight. I just went with it. I am happy to report that because of my delinquent pattern writing today, the bedroom is cleaned up, the closet completely reorganized and cleared out, and the dresser has it’s home finally and is full of clothing (which means they are off the floor! hooray!).

I still feel guilty about not having a pattern posted today, but not too guilty, because it will be up tomorrow, so not terribly late… And I was able to listen to the debates tonight, which if I would have been writing the pattern, I wouldn’t have. So I think that made it worth it too.

I’m making excuses, haha. I’ll see you all tomorrow :)

Best wishes and happy crafting folks!