Another Mac Update

So this whole Mac dying, then resurrecting has been quite the adventure. And I’m sure you are all really sick of hearing about it, so my last digression from crafty life :)

First of all, it really threw my week into chaos. I had to reschedule everything on Monday to Tuesday (appointments, meetings, etc) and Tuesday already had a lot going on, so I pretty much didn’t get anything done yesterday. On Monday, I did get done everything I could analog style, but still had a lot of downtime. So I went totally domestic and spent the evening cooking and cleaning :)

And now I have this really great desktop computer set up that I can use for just work. I’ll still use the macbook for working remotely, but I think using the desktop for work will help me keep the two separate a bit more. There are some added bonuses that the pc drivers for my printer are much superior to the mac, and I have quickbooks for pc, so that can go on there too, and my scanner only has pc drivers so I can use that again nice and easy. Before I had to run all that on a virtual client which bogged down my macbook a ton and made everything slow. I’m giving it a trial run for the month to see how it goes, then I’ll decide whether or not to have the macbook or the desktop pc as my primary work computer. Enough computer talk though. On to Craft Leftovers business.

Today I’m going to reintroduce the Crafty Business series and tomorrow I’m getting back into the thrift kitchen. I am giving you my favorite recipe for New Year’s Eve parties that is both delicious and healthy.

Friday was going to be the release of the Christmas Leftovers ebook, but given the mess of earlier this week and general road blocks I have over and over again hit, we decided to make it even better by giving it another month. The release will come about a week before Valentine’s Day (another gift giving holiday). It turns out that the book worked out to be more about leftover gifting materials (greeting cards, wrapping paper, and curling ribbon) than Christmas specifically, so it will be an easy transition making it for year round use instead of just seasonal. I’m really excited about this because I think it’s 100% stronger written up like this and it gives us a little more breathing room so we don’t go crazy with the final edits and promotion of it.

Sure, I feel disappointed about not making the original release date, but at the same time feel so good about this decision not to rush it to death. I think you will love it so much more. Instead of just Christmas Leftovers, it’s going to be about gift giving leftovers ideas that can use year round! Awesome!

So this Friday I have a really fun Christmas gift packaging inspired pattern that I think you will really love :) Laundry bags inspired by the bags my pillows came in!

So I think that’s all the big updates related to the mac book melt down and resurrection and rethinking. On to Crafty Business!

Happy Crafting!

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  1. Congrats on the resurrection.

    The book sounds like a lot of fun. I’m definitely going to keep my eye out for it.

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