Apartment ReDress :: Studio Curtains II

Ah, phase one finished. Window measured – check! Dimensions of curtain determined – check! Fabric ironed – check! Fabric cut – check!

Two 38″ X 28 1/2″ muslin fabric
Two 38″ X 9 1/2″ piece of plaid fabic
12 eyelets
12 shower hooks
1 curtain rod



I was able to sew one curtain panel today and and I’m going to sew the other on Thursday. By then I should be able to get an eyelet clamp from a friend of mine and get my hands on some curtain rings – there are these sweet metal ones that I saw *cough* holding up the shower curtains in the gym today. Haha. I might even be able to make some out of metal wire, we will see. I’m really happy to get them started and knowing that I will be finishing them soon. I’ve been thinking I should make some for ohhh, a year now. And that is the greatness of the ReDress series.

Oh and you know how I mentioned that I was trying to get back into the fly lady routine? Well today I did the challenge of cleaning out under the kitchen sink and was shocked to find tons of cleaning supplies I didn’t even know we own. I say this about craft supplies all the time, but it seems to apply to everything in your home – from studio stock to pantry stock, “the more you organize and go through your supplies the more you will use them and the less money you will waste buying things you already own” – like the bottle of Clorox spray we bought last month, we had 3 under the sink in the farrrrr back corner, geeze!

I think for my next project I’m going to design some stencils that will be used for a decorative piece above the sink. For being an artist, there isn’t nearly enough art in the apartment. The kitchen is downright drab. Time to change that.

Happy Crafting!

7 thoughts on “Apartment ReDress :: Studio Curtains II

  1. Inspiration! Actually, I’m in desperate need of curtains for many of my windows, but I’ve been tempted to just go to Ikea. :)

  2. How did you attach the 2 different materials on the curtain? I am currently in the middle of making my own curtains and can’t decide on the best way to attach the 2 pieces of material!

    Thanks!!! Yours looks great!!!

  3. nice curtains for an apartment huh. .very creative and hand made. . good luck to your next project. .:)

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