Updates :: Going on’s in the studio and around town

Oh, a few random updates. I taught a book binding workshop yesterday and it was awesome! It was the biggest workshop I’ve ever taught and it went off without a hitch. I also had the first ames c.art community art discussion group and that also went really well and I’m really excited about the people who are involved and the possible projects that are coming into being because of it.

Tonight I’m teaching a DIY Recycled Sweater for Yarn workshop at the Ames Public library – remember how I posted about that forever ago here. It’s a great thing to learn how to do, especially when it has a ton of money saving potential. And then I just updated my class list for Kro Studio. I am teaching at the Workspace, Ames Progressive, Octagon Center for the Arts and the Rose Tree Fiber shop – about 3-5 classes and workshops at each space. Oh and I’m doing this “intro to fibers” art camp workshop on Friday. Showing kids how to crochet and weave is one of the funnest things ever.


More good news! I was just taken on to be the editor/writer for the DIY Column in the Ames Progressive publication – you can see it here. It’s a local newsletter/zine that comes out about once a month. I’ll be in charge of getting people to write about DIY culture as well as general craft tips/tutorials. It’s not quite defined, but I’m excited. The Ames Progressive is a really great organization. They have the publication, but then they also host live music at their space about 5 nights a week + workshops (I have been hosting those there) + yoga + book groups + gallery shows for local artists – I’m going to have a show there in October (too fast approaching I need to get painting again).

I’ve decided I’m not going to try to get the curtains done today, and maybe I will just make sure that at the very least every Tuesday I’m working on the ReDress project.

Oh and if you have gotten this far, I want your opinion on something. What would you think about having the Thrift Kitchen post here on Craft Leftovers? Like once a week have a “Thursday in the Thrift Kitchen”? I haven’t decided if it goes along with Craft Leftovers or if I should just keep it to Kro Studio.

And one more thing. I’m working on reworking the site. Mainly, it’s become difficult for anyone to access old patterns, but especially reviews and interviews and how to posts. Any thoughts a new archive structure? Also, just throwing this out there, what do you think of structuring the site a bit like an online magainze? webzine? Just format, not posting schedule. If you know a site that has a structure that you think would do well for Craft Leftovers leave a comment to it. No I’m not copying anyone, but just looking at different archiving structures. Did you know that I have over 100 free patterns? And more than that of tutorials/reviews/interviews? How it the world do I organize that so it’s easily acessible and not overwhelming? It’s definitely a long term project, but I’m hoping to start doing some actual code work on it by September first and take the new site live by December first.

Thank you for reading all that, and thank you even more if you give it some serious consideration and leave comments! Have a great day and I’ll see you all tomorrow with some fancy new curtains!

Happy Crafting!

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