Apartment Redress::Vintage Lamp Rewire::Part I

vintagelamp1 Two factors motivate this next redress undertaking. One: reducing clutter – I love this lamp, but it’s been sitting in the corner for 1 year now. Two: I love this little lamp and was so sad when it fried out (fried me too for that matter). I want to rewire this cute lamp so it can again be restored to usefulness + gets to hang out with its friend again. You see, that’s another thing I love about this lamp, it has an exact twin.

I found this great tutorial on rewiring lamps {via Shakadoo}. It is very detailed and has informative illustrations. I think with this tutorial I should be able to fix up my lamp just fine.


I went to lowes yesterday and looked at the lamp sockets they had there and was pretty baffled as to what I needed. I am going to have to take my socket with me tomorrow and find the right one for my lamp. And the right cord. So I started taking it apart today and looking at it. I’m going to see if there is a way I can remove the cord without cutting it. I think just unscrewing the wires will allow me to pull it through the hole in the base.


By next tuesday I should have this baby finished up and the next redress project underway. I like sitting outside on the patio in the morning. Having fancy chairs will make it all that more enjoyable. These two chairs on the patio need I to be sanded and painted. The wood was already water damaged when I pulled them out of the dumpster so many years ago. I striped them, but never finished them. Now that I think of it I have another chair that need to be painted in the same plight. I want to paint them a nice deep blue gray, but I may go with the same bright green that my dresser is. I am thinking I should try to get most of the redress projects involving painting finished while it is summer. So chairs it will be.

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  1. Love the site redesign, especially the home page. It looks killer! I know it’s probably still a wip, but fyi the header on the blog page (for example – Home > Apartment Redress
    > Apartment Redress::Vintage Lamp Rewire::Part I) is formatting strangely in firefox. The text appears below its text box. Tried loading in IE, looks fine there.

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