Bottle Cap Contest

TerraCycle is looking for a creative use for bottle caps. As a part of our production process, we collect hundreds of thousands of soda bottles per year, many of which include a bottle cap. Over the years, we’ve collected quite a few. Help us find a use for these bottle caps and win a lifetime supply of TerraCycle.”

There has been a bit, well a lot, of buzz on the internet about Terracycle being sued by miracle grow and how it’s ridiculous and etc. But I haven’t seen so much on the bottle cap contest. One of the really great things about Terracycle is that they use collected soda bottles as containers for their fertilizers. “Even the trigger sprayers or caps that we use are end-runs and/or leftovers from large corporations that either don’t need them or have produced too many.” But what to do with all the caps? If you can figure something out, you get a life time supply of worm poop! Who can resist that challenge? As a gardener, I know I’m wishing I knew what to do with them all. You can get the guidelines here.