There are lots of new items up in the shop. A whole lot of new kits for travel tissue covers, a couple for pencil clutches, lots of reclaimed buttons, and heatable lavender pillows! Quite a few people have asked if I could offer this for the human compainions of our kitties, so here you go!

I’m going to make Mondays my store update day so check back Monday night or Tuesday morning to see the new items.

Also, if you didn’t notice, I redid the banner here on the blog and for the shop. I just wanted something a little bit more personal.

And I said it before, but I’ll repeat. There is now a pattern archive in the sidebar.

I also finally figured out how to make it so you could just download a pdf of the pattern by clicking on the link, so I’m going to attempt over the summer to make it so you can download all the patterns that way, yipes. Oh and this is all thanks to a very fabulous guy I know (Jason Thank You Again!) who showed me how to do it and set me up with some space out on the internet.