Christmas Cards

Well, I decided to go ahead with a particularly Christmas craft this time around, which is actually good for me becase I procrastinate like no other. I will post close up shots on the flickr site, you should check them out. If you have any other ideas about making cards out of leftovers, make sure to post it as a comment, or email me and I will edit it in. Until next time kiddos!

4 thoughts on “Christmas Cards

  1. Hi…I just love all your creations!
    I would love to make my own Christmas cards…I have many ideas and you have given me more inspiration to finally do some of my own cards.
    I have a question, though…what do you do about envelopes?
    Do you make your own?
    Do you purchase envelopes and then create your cards to the envelope size?
    I have always wondered about envelopes, and where to get nice ones to go with homemade cards.

  2. Hmm, good question. In the spirit of all things handmade, you could make the envelopes. Just take a note card sized envelope that the card fits in, take it apart and use it as a template for more handmade envelope. Use glue stick on the seams. Oh and wrapping paper, old maps, scrap book paper, etc works really great for fun little envelopes.

    If you are in a crunch for time, you can pick up a box of note card envelopes from a shopping center (walmart has some for like $3 I think and you get like 50) (I don’t like walmart for the record, but find myself there from time to time).

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