Holiday Crafting!

Okay, so things have yet again gotten away from me. But I’m just going to embrace it and gear up for next time. Basically I’m leaving out of town today and this was finals week so everything is nuts and all nighters. But in all of this I do have some good news.

What I have decided is this:
1. Starting in January, I will post a new pattern every Friday.
2. I will also be taking submissions from readers as well… so if you have a really great crafty leftover, just send me an email. Most importantly, the creator of the pattern will retain all rights. I will get together some submission guidelines and post those before the 1st of January.
3. I am going to ‘publish’ some of the patterns on lulu for free download, there will be a little store front. Eventually I’m hoping to put together an actual book for print that you can order through lulu, but that won’t be for quite a few months. So what patterns do you like the most? Let me know and I will make them available for download.

Lastly, because there is a lack of a pattern this week I want to turn to you for your crafty wrapping ideas. Just post a comment sharing your crafty way of packaging up your presents.

Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!