CL Challenge: 001

You see those zeros before that one? That means this is the first of many.

Challenge 001: Fabric + buttons.


That pink fabric, I love it! But, it’s so bright and busy that it’s been difficult to find the perfect project for. It decided to sprinkle in with it some buttons, little ones and one big one, a plain fabric, and then a larger patterned fabric. The yellow and pink are both cottons (I think), and the tan is a synthetic blend (maybe).

The challenge is to use up these fabrics in one project. You don’t have to use all the fabric in one go. You could use just some of each. But, you do have to use some of each and at least one button. The more buttons you use, the more points you get. You do not get more points if you use more fabric.

What you get? Well, all you have to do is leave a comment with your idea (or email kristin[at]craftleftovers[dot]com if you have a photo/sketch). If I pick your idea, you get a custom designed pattern for the supplies and a kit made up from the materials (or something similar).


You have until Monday, February 8th to comment. I’ll announce the winner and the new pattern on Friday the 26th. The next challenge will be the first Monday of March.

Happy crafting!
Kristin Roach