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Hand Printing from Nature + a Giveaway!

I was so excited when the package containing Hand Printing from Nature showed up unexpectedly from Storey. The note simply read, “Kristin, I think you’ll love this book, enjoy!” I suppose that’s one of the many reasons I love working with Storey Publishing, they really get to know their authors. Anyway,  I realize

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What’s a Zine?

I first wrote this post 12/15/2009, it addresses such a great question of “what’s a zine?”. Since I’m knee deep in working on the next issue and thinking zine-y things, I thought I’d update it, and re-share it with you. Enjoy! I love getting questions about zines. It’s one of

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CL Challenge: 001

You see those zeros before that one? That means this is the first of many. Challenge 001: Fabric + buttons. That pink fabric, I love it! But, it’s so bright and busy that it’s been difficult to find the perfect project for. It decided to sprinkle in with it some

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mixtape Giveaway! We have a winner!

Spreading some of that mixtape lovin’! Amy P stated, “I just hear fabulous stuff about Mixtape everywhere I go!” And now she happily will have her very own copy. Hooray for giveaways! I’ll be back a little later today with a free pattern for fingerless, crocheted mittens. See you soon! Kristin

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