Craft Leftovers Monthly :: Holiday Issue :: In the Shop!

I told you I would be back after 4 hours (turned out to be more like 5) to say “Hooooooray!!!!!!” And that’s how I’m feeling! I’m happy to report I had my tires fixed and arrived home safely at about 1am. It was a good drive, nice and boring with lots of good music to keep me awake. So enough with that. On to the fun stuff!

Craft Leftovers Monthly is in the shop and as I’ve been saying for a week now I’m super excited about it!

Head on over to the shop to get the full scoop and find out what the kit is for (will you ever love it!).

Because it’s the holidays and I love giving gifts, I want to encourage you to give the gift of clm to a friend. When you buy a subscription for yourself and your friend (or if you already have a subscription and get one for your friend) select “other” or “check” for the payment method and I’ll send you a revised invoice for 20% off your gift subscription! Hooray for gift subscriptions too!

And there are only 15 new subscriptions this month, so make sure to grab it up quick. They will only be in the shop until Thursday, November 13th (I’m extending it a bit because of the delay in it getting into the shop).

And with that, I’m hitting the hay. It’s been a long day and I’ll looking forward to a nice long sleep with the craft cat.

Happy Crafting!