Pushing things around

Well, you all know about the tire issue, so no need for explaining why clm getting into the shop got pushed back. But what I failed to see was that I from the delay last night (not getting home until after midnight compared to the 4pm I was planning) everything got pushed around today (unpacking, cleaning, writing the pattern). So I’m just about caught up, but the chart for today’s pattern is going a lot slower than I had hoped. I’m just not fluent yet in needle point charting. And to complicate things, I kind of did a mix of cross stitch and needle point, haha. So I’m playing around with it a bit more than I had planned on. I just want to make sure that it makes sense and can be read with ease.

Anyway, so I’m going to keep working on it and it will be ready to go tomorrow afternoon. I was thinking “morning” so I’m saying afternoon, haha. I’ll see you soon. In the mean time, make sure to go pick up your subscription to Craft Leftovers Monthly!

Have a crafty night!