Create, Eat, Think Roundup – Fuel Your Creativity!


1. Beautiful Fabric Pendant – I can just imagine a little fabric leftover being used for this.

2. Ginko Leaf Drawing and Embroidery – I always enjoy seeing how her embroidery pieces come together. First being inspired by nature, her line drawing, and then the final finished embroidery piece.

3. Videos showing the passage of time intrigue me, and this deconstruction piece really got my goat this week.

4. Even though Rachel and I are 1000 miles apart we seem to make discoveries together. I had forgotten how much I loved my weekly ritual of giving myself a mani/pedi (Craft Leftovers Zine Volume 3: Issue 1) until I read the Average Jane Crafter Home Pedicure post about her own weekly pampering session. I too am a huge tomboy and doing my nails (fingers and toes) is one of my few girly delights. I’d never really thought about the “why” and it was really wonderful to read Rachel’s motivations.


5. Yum, need I say more?

6. And a double yum! Jason and I were gifted an ice cream maker for our wedding last October and I’m definitely going to have to give this a shot. (via craft)


7. Thoughts on being a World Changing Writer over on CopyBlogger

8. Starting a Collection: My Girl Thursday’s 29 Before 29 Update – a really neat concept for an upcoming birthday.

9. What to do When Taste and Body Don’t Match – an interesting look at how to approach a pattern/garment that you know isn’t a flattering style for you, but that you LOVE.

10. Discussion with Jodie Rackley on doing wholesale sales as a big chunk of your crafty business over on the CraftyPod and a discussion on being an introvert vs extrovert creative type.

Happy Crafting!
Kristin M Roach

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