DIY Weaving Club TF3 + Free projects for your leftover pleasure!

I am not sure if you have seen my previous reviews for Su’s Zine Telaic Fantasy, but if you haven’t you can see them here (TF1) and here (TF2). And I’m happy to say that you can now get Telaic Fantasy #3 in the shop now! At a mere $15 too! I can not believe how amazing this collection of work is. She puts so much work into each one. Make sure to check out the back issues too – combined shipping is cheaper I’m sure (just saying…. something to think about).

“I received my issue in the mail right before I left out of town and still took the time to read through the whole thing – it was a nice pause in the craziness leading up to the trip. I love the DIY Weaving Club member ship card! I love that I’m member like #2 too, it makes me feel super fancy and special ;)

“I have finally finished re-formatting Telaic Fantasy 3 to the larger size, which now includes gummed & photocopiable labels for the D.I.Y. postcard loom (as per attached PDF).”

“I’ve also just finished putting together a ‘Leftover Lavender’ mini-zine.  The zine is printed on recycled paper embedded with lavender flowers, and includes lots of ideas for what you can do with your, well, leftover lavender.  The cross stitch chart is hidden on the inside of the zine.” (that is so neat! ~ I love lavender so this is just perfect for me)


“(here are) some other re-purposed projects I’ve blogged about recently:

French knitting (using various stationery & miscellany):
Business cards (using discarded packaging):
Stamp carving (using mousemat, eraser, & cork):

“I will be doing more weaving stuff in the near-ish future, but I have lots of other things all competing for my attention, too – you know how it is!

“Hope one or more of these projects is of use to you!  Let me know if you need any more info on anything I’ve mentioned.  I hope these projects will help make your life a little easier while you are ‘on the road’.

“Have a wonderful time;



Oh my goodness Su, all these projects have been wonderful! I can not thank you enough for keeping Craft Leftovers going while I was away. I only hope that some day I can return the favor!

Happy crafting everyone! Have a great weekend!

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