Hello Iowa!

Strange as it is to be back in town, it’s really nice. It’s quite here. And it smells good. Well, not right now though because I cleaned out the frig and it was filled with moldy chicken/brats/veggies —– GROSS! But last night when I got out of car well after midnight, I took a deep breath and couldn’t get enough of it. The smell of earth and plants all covered in the dew of the evening. It was… no. IS so refreshing. I love San Francisco and am even entertaining the idea of living there some day. But I can’t deny the love I have for fresh air and green. There were trees in the city, but when it rains, it sure didn’t smell like earth and plants, haha.

Anyway, so I’m back home and I’m sorting through emails and orders. They are well on their way to being sent out on Saturday, June 13th. And, I just realized that I wrote Friday, June 13th instead of Saturday. Sorry for the confusion. If you do not receive a refund for your discount by Saturday morning email me and kick me in my pants verbally. It’s not outside the rhelm of human error to miss someone when doing refunds in mass on paypal. I’m making lists though, so hopefully it will be easy peasy with no errors.

There will be a scheduled shaking things up on the site here on Saturday and Sunday. I’m going to switch over to the new wordpress – and now that I finally am I’m sure they are going to issue a new one. So it goes. Anyway, the backend is a lot better and I may even change up the website a little bit over the weekend – or maybe not. At the very least I’m going to work on some concept sketches.

It’s great to be back and more crafty fun post (curtiousy of Su again – you rock) will be up tomorrow.

See you soon!