Ep 3: Decluttering to Unlock Creative Flow

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Enjoy Episode 3 of the Craft Leftovers Podcast (a recording of the March livestream) in audio form or pull up a project and craft along. I’m working on mending my favorite spring jacket. Thanks for the company!

No matter your Cleaning or Cluttering Style, the thing that matters most is if it’s supporting you or holding you back. In this episode I talk about my decluttering journey while minding my favorite spring jacket and share the two methods of declutter that have helped me the most over the last decade.

Show Notes:

On reflection. I think the dishes chapter is in Managing Your Home without Losing Your Mind – I may have listened to these books both several times and it’s been a bit confused which chapter is where. The downside of audio books. I can’t just flip through and look it up. I would recommend Decluttering at the Speed of Life if you need help with having too much in your container. Managing your Home without losing your mind covers exciting struggles like Dishes and Laundry :) They both are great and have overlapping ideas.


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Kristin M Roach