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Ep 4: Textile Upcycling in Creative Businesses for Environmental Healing with Crispina Ffrench

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Join Crispina and I as we explore a lifetime using sustainable practices to inspire and inform our work. Some highlights of our talk are: the state and hopeful decline of fast fashion, balancing sustainability with desire for staying current, upcycling vs recycling and more! Full stories and insight, Crispina has some exciting news for all of us. Her newest project, the launch of the Rags to Riches Summit! Learn how this new HUGE project has come about and sign up. Tickets are on sale starting this week here.

Show Notes:


  • Wednesday, April 13th, 2-3pm CT Livestream: Getting older and in theory wiser as a creative professional — What my business/life looks like at 29 vs 39. Why this topic? Because it’s the week of my birthday! I’m older and wiser now right? Right?! Sometimes. Have questions? Send them to me or tune in and ask live.

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