Free Beginner Knitting Pattern: Lucy’s Pinktastic Scarf

I have a confession….

I bought yarn. I couldn’t help it. It’s been months. Maybe years…. But Lucy saw this fluffy fluffy yarn. It was on SALE. And she looks at me with those big blue eyes and says…..

Mom, can you make me a scarf with my favorite color? It’s so soft and you make the best scarves.

Lucy Lynn, 7 years old

Yes. She has got my number. She knows it, I know it, now you know it.

In my defense I’m not a pink person. Lucy is a PINK person. I’m not sure how this happened other than it’s just not a color that usually exists in my waredrobe so she’s running counter to me already. And it’s a color that doesn’t exist in my yarn stash either.

So I bought it.

And I made her a scarf.

And it’s so fluffy and cute and soft and…


It’s perfect for her.

And as I’m sitting here typing, I just looked up and saw my only other pink craft project — the very first scarf I ever knit. I’ll save that funny story for next time.

Oh yes, Bob is a snow dog. He loooooooves pulling Lucy in the sled. When it’s uphill we have it rigged up so I pull too. It’s quite fun and an awesome workout! He’s such a good dog. Every 20 feet or so he stops and looks back at me to make sure his pack is all together.

Pinktastic Lucy Scarf Knit Pattern

This scarf is a great for a beginner wanting to try knitting with two colors at the same time. For the more advanced knitter, it’s a simple garter stitch pattern so it’s perfect for knitting while enjoying a movie or waiting for kids to get done with sports. And only 4 ends to weave in on its entire stripy lengeth.


  • 2 skeins of the fluffiest bulky yarn in two colors of your choice
  • Knitting Needles Size 10.5 — I used circular but straights are just fine
  • Scissors


3 stitches per inch

The set up

With Color A, Cast On 16 using the method of your choice. I like a knitted cast on like this one.

Row 1: (Color A) Knit All, turn.

Row 2: Pick up Color B and wrap the yarn around Color A, drop Color A, Knit all with Color B, turn.

We are going to carry it up the side so you have ZERO ends to weave in except start and end.

Row 2: (Color B) Knit All, turn.

The Repeat

Row 3: Pick up Color A and wrap the yarn around Color B, drop Color B, Knit all with Color A, turn.

Row 4: (Color A) Knit All, turn.

Row 5: Pick up Color B and wrap the yarn around Color A, drop Color A. Knit all with Color B, turn.

Row 6: (Color B) Knit All, turn.

Repeat Rows 3 – 6 until the scarf is the desired length or you run out of yarn. For a kid, a good scarf length is about twice their height.

Bind off all Stitches.

Weave in the four ends – two at the beginning and two at the end. Easy Peasy.

This scarf took about 4 hours to knit… I think. Don’t hold me too that. Time flies when you are watching tv after a long work day.

Until Next Time!
Kristin M Roach