PaintChip Notecard/Postcard Project from Tangle Crafts

Su has yet again offered up a great project for me to share with you while I’m on Holiday. I appreciate her generosity so much! Thank you! Now for you to enjoy:

“I’m really into postcards at the moment, because I think the fact that they use half the card of a greeting card & don’t need an envelope makes them a brilliantly eco-friendly way of staying in touch.  I’m currently working on a postcard recycling kit, that will be full of postcard-sized projects, printed on gummed paper, so that they can be used to recycle any piece of scrap card into a postcard, and send a craft project to a friend.

“This is one of my CraftCard projects.  It’s a refillable matchbook notebook, folded from a paint sample card.  The basic idea has been around for a while, but I have modified it slightly, so that the pages are fixed in place with a brad instead of a staple.  This means that once you’ve used up the pages, you can refill it easily, so it’s more practical/less disposable than your average notebook.  N.B. If you only ever write on one side of a notebook page, use paper that is already printed on one side to make your pages!

“What I love about this project is that you can choose absolutely exactly whatever colour/s you like (one to match each outfit/bag?) and it looks instantly cool, with no extra decoration required.”

Download the Matchbook Notebook Tutorial Here

“There are 2 PDFs to choose from. The first one is all you need if you just want to make a notebook for yourself.  But if you would like to turn the project into a postcard, the 2nd PDF has the project arranged with 4 copies to a page, and a separate page of postcard reverse/address labels.  Then you can either recycle existing postcards, or cut any piece of card to the right size, glue the labels one per side (unless you have printed directly onto label paper), and it’s ready to go!  You can also use the reverse/address labels to turn almost anything into a postcard – photos, artwork, whatever inspires you!”
Download the project postcard template Here

++ Su of Tangle Crafts ++

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  1. Love the idea for the little notebook. I work in a paint store, so my supply of paint chips is endless and I love finding ideas to reuse them!

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