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I have been buying the majority of my spices and herbs from the bulk bins for quite awhile now. At least a few years actually. I tend to reuse the spice containers that I had on hand from the pre-bulk-bin-buying period in my life. I would just put the little sticker from that I used to label them at the health food store to the jar I filled it with. Well a few week ago it finally hit me, I could weigh the jars I reuse, make the weight on them, and just fill them directly instead of using the bags at the shop and transferring them when I get home. So I asked about it and they said “yes! of course” and thought “of course yes, duh” and they would even let me use their scale to weigh it, so if you don’t have a scale at home you can do this too.
Oh and depending on where you shop, they will actually give you like a 5 cent discount for bringing in your own jars and containers to use for bulk. Or even if they don’t you are still saving money because the container isn’t getting priced as part of the weight. Like the little plastic containers will actually add like 30 to 50 cents just at the bulk price of the peanut butter you are weighing in it.

So here are my spice jars, pretty silly looking huh? Hi Emeril… Bam!


Where’d Emeril go?


I made these labels to use on the spice jars so I would remember what’s in them and when they were bought. Perfect. I even left a spot where I can mark down the weight.


You can click on this image and download the labels for your own spice jar use – just right click and then “save image as”. You can print them for different sizes by reducing their size when printing. I used 100% for my big jars and 85% for the smaller ones. I’ve been wanting to make these all this past week, so I’m pretty excited to finally get them to you. And the best part, you can totally color them in. I’m going to have fun using some colored pencil to make them all colorful depending on the spice in them. I love coloring book kind of deals.

I’m sure I’ll make more and if I do, I’ll post links to them. I’ll most likely post it over on KroStudio, just because it’s not particularly “craft Leftovers”, so I figured I could get away with this post once, just not several times :) It is using what you have on hand and there is paper and glue involved, hehe.


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Oh and I got my pen last night as stated in the last post, and that’s what I used to make these fun labels! That and Painter X – I downloaded the free trial. I’m going to totally take advantage of the 30 days of fun to be had.

I’ll see you all Monday!

Happy Crafting!

4 thoughts on “Spicy+Savory :: Free Spice Jar Labels!

  1. Thanks for posting the spice jar labels! They’re just what I was looking for and I didn’t even know I was looking!! I reorganized and labeled my spice cabinet about a month ago but just used regular white labels. Yours are so much cuter!! Thanks again!

  2. Thank-you for posting these labels! I have been growing my own spices this summer and herbs and have saved over the winter the empty spice jars I bought at stores, but needed the labels so I know whats what.

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